Piray Architecture, which was founded in Bursa in 1996, has signed various projects both in Turkey and abroad since its establishment.

Piray Architecture, which provides services in the fields of restoration and projecting, consists of architects, restorers, construction engineers and mechanical engineers working on architectural services as a whole.

Piray Mimarlik has been working in İzmir Pertev Paşa Mosque and Izmit Fevziye Mosque restoration which made by Mimar Sinan until this day, Istanbul Üsküdar Ayazma Mosque, Istanbul Üsküdar Ahmadiye Complex, Fatih Kumrulu and Sitti Hatun Camis, Bursa Cumalı Kizik, Bursa Bedesten, and a lot of restoration projects have been prepared.

In addition, many of important projects realized by Piray Architecture such as restoration works of the Bosnia Maglaj Mosque, which was restored in Bursa and then started to operate as Fashion Design School, and the Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency.

Piray Mimarlık has also signed projects such as Emir Sultan Urban Transformation, Old Tekel Square Regulation and Facade Improvement, Fatih Akpinar Market Areas, Yıldıztepe Urban Design Project, Bilecik Municipality and Kayı Plaza, which are important urban transformation projects in Bursa.